Automate your business process via a simple and powerful API. Our API allows you to integrate complex services with our SaaS to go beyond the integrations we provide out of the box.

API access is only available to clients with the Enterprise plan. If you do not have the Enterprise plan, upgrade your account.

API Documentation

The documentation for the API is available here:



The API is currently version 1. Thus, the endpoint for the API is:


Authenticating with the API

The API uses OAuth2 for authentication. To generate an auth token that can be used in proceeding API requests, follow the steps below.

1. Generate an Auth Token

At the top of the API Documentation UI, locate the button `Authorize` and click it.

Find the section `OAuth2Password (OAuth2, password)`.

Enter the user email and password.

Change the type to `basic auth`.

Click the button `Authorize` to generate a token that will be used by the App Documentation UI for all future requests.

2. Test Auth Token

Now that the API Documentation UI is authorized, try running endpoint using the OAuth token.

Find the endpoint GET `/account` endpoint in the API Documentation UI. This endpoint should return the account by your ID.

Click `Try it out` .

Click `Execute`. The response should an Account object with your organization's account details.

3. Query the API

Now that you have an auth token, you can make any number of additional API requests until your auth token expires.