On-Demand Photography for
Cost Segregation Made Simple

Cost segregation studies require accurate, up-to-date photos. But gathering the necessary images can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple locations.

We’ve made it our mission to simplify the process. Our expertise, combined with our network of experienced photographers, means you’ll get the high-quality images you need to complete a thorough cost seg analysis. We also offer cost segregation templates for all building types, which you can customize to fit your own demands, making the process even easier.

We take these extra steps because we understand the value of a seamless experience for our cost seg customers. When faced with demand that exceeds your time and personnel resources, you can count on us to deliver the high-quality images you need for a successful analysis. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just providing photos, we strive to build strong relationships and ensure a worry-free process from start to finish.

Ready to see how FotoFetch can meet your cost seg photo needs?


Outline your job using your personalized
cost segregation templates.

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Place your order.

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Receive the exact photo you
ordered in your inbox.

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DIY Photography

Schedule with a third party for access and
on-premise security when you visit the facility.

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Plan your trip, including logistics
and accommodations.

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Test your equipment and set up your
camera to capture close-up details like
serial and model numbers and wide-angle
shots of panels, outlets and
floor-to-ceiling shots.

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Upload photos, organize and manage
your photo library of jobs.

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Reschedule and travel back to the site
for reshoots as needed.

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