Your FotoFetch Questions Answered

We know you may have a few questions before getting started. Here are the ones we get asked the most, but if we missed yours click here to ask us!

Are you a stock photo site?

Ouch. That hurts! FotoFetch is a custom shop. Customers come to us with specific needs that we then assign to FotoFetch registered photographers.

Will my photos be any good since you use lots of photographers?

Absolutely yes! FotoFetch was created by photography/video professionals who understand these visual mediums, and want to offer you our service to give you peace of mind that someone is working on your behalf to get you exactly what you need. You don’t pay until you’re happy with the assets delivered. Check out our portfolio!

How do I order photos?

It’s so easy! Once you’ve registered for your FotoFetch account, our photo dashboard will take you step-by-step through placing a new order. Click here to learn more.

Who can sign up?

Anyone 18 years or older can register to request a photo.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to register as a customer. Customers are charged only for orders delivered. Click here to view our pricing.

What is a Customer?

A Customer is someone in need of a photo or video.

Who is a Customer?

A Customer is a person, business, non-profit or government entity.

When Am I Paid?

Photographers are paid for all assignments they complete. Click here to view our compensation model.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to register as a FotoFetch photographer.

Who can sign up?

Anyone 18 years or older can register as a photographer to capture photos.

How does it work for the photographer?

FotoFetch will show you nearby jobs you qualify for based on the job requirements. You perform the job as requested and upload the photo(s) to us. We run them through a quick review and then pay you.

Who owns the image when I upload it to FotoFetch?

FotoFetch is buying the image and all the rights to the image. You are agreeing that you are the owner of the photo and you have full rights to assign it to FotoFetch.

Am I allowed to sell photos like the one I upload FotoFetch?

You may not sell the same photo or a likeness of it, however, you are allowed to change your POV or other aspects of your location or shot to create an image that is yours to use and sell as you wish.

Am I under an employment contract with FotoFetch?


Do I get photo credit for the image?


I’m a professional photographer, does this replace my current business model?

No. We wish to add to your current income by finding jobs for you to take that are convenient.

If I am an employee shooting photos for my company, can I moonlight and sell you photos too?

This depends on your employment contract with whomever you work for.