Leading the Photo Revolution One Click at a Time

At FotoFetch, our mission is to make photography a revenue source for anyone on the planet. We build relationships with photo takers all over the world who are already equipped to meet a growing need for commercial, on-location photography. Photographers can work from anywhere and earn money with equipment they already own. Customers receive unique images and video with none of the hassle or high price of traditional custom photography.


We believe in truth, speaking the truth, sharing the truth and acting upon the truths that are revealed to us, even when it conflicts with our core values.


We stand for fairness to all, including each and every employee, customer and partner.

  • We recognize that we all have a bias.
  • We are willing and open to listening to new ideas and concepts.
  • We seek to minimize discrimination.
  • We believe in being honest and open about our intentions.


We demonstrate respect with those that we work with and the communities we interact with by:

  • Being dependable.
  • Being genuine.
  • Being courteous and kind.
  • Being empathetic.


We practice collaboration that achieves the best possible outcome.

  • Collaboration is NOT consensus.
  • We search for the best possible answer, not the lowest common denominator.
  • We welcome differing opinions yet embrace the decisions to move forward.
  • We believe in influencing and motivating others to overachieve.
  • We believe in building and growing communities, bringing people closer together to create new opportunities for all involved.


We know that change is the only constant.

  • We look for ways to embrace change and remain dynamic as a company and as people.
  • We believe in constantly exploring new ideas.
  • We believe in failing quickly and learning from our failures.
  • We explore opportunities with data.