How to Make Money With FotoFetch

Take a Photo, Get Paid Now

FotoFetch is the gig economy for anyone with a camera. We show you jobs based on your location and level of experience. You choose the jobs you want — and none that you don’t. Pending completion, we pay promptly for the imagery provided.

Compensation Model

We have a dynamic rate model that determines how much we pay for the photos we purchase from our photographers. Payout amounts are based on the following factors:


Photographer skill level


Equipment required


Effort and time necessary to shoot the photo/video

Once your photo is accepted, we pay promptly (usually within three business days) via your registered PayPal or Venmo account.

Videographers Welcome, Too!


Customers also ask us to capture video. If you have videography experience and equipment, you may be eligible for video assignments.


Are you a drone pilot?

We use Part 107 FAA licensed pilots every day.